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Stand Up with Pete Dominick

Who is Pete Dominick?

Pete Dominick is a stand up comic, speaker, news commentator, host, journo activist, moderator, professional speaking consultant, husband and proud father of 2 daughters. Pete was the host of a daily 3 hour live radio show in SIRIUSXM, Stand Up with Pete Dominick for almost 12 years. The show welcomed 3-4 expert guests on a broad range of issues and ideas and cultivated a following of similarly curious and passionate people who wanted to learn, laugh and grow together. From parenting to politics, health care, sustainable living and so much more Pete and his audience learned from his guests and each other every day. While at SIRIUSXM Pete created the Insight channel, a partnership with the Aspen Ideas Institute where he has been a guest speaker and moderator for 7 years and much more.

Pete began his career as a stand up comic making a name for himself and earning respect in the major leagues of stand up - the NYC comedy scene - where he became a regular at all of the best clubs.

Pete was hired for the very coveted gig as the warm up comic first for Jon Stewart and The Daily show and then the Colbert Report on Comedy Central where he worked for most of its run until CNN hired him as their man on the street which turned in to becoming a regular panel commentator and even host of his own CNN show “What the Week.”

Pete is now creating his own content while speaking on a wide range of issues, performing stand up and doing his best to continue learn how to make the world a better place everyday.

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