Kaep-tain America

August 31, 2016

Today on #SUPD

Sports on Earth and Bloomberg Politics writer, Will Leitch, framed the Colin Kaepernick national anthem protest in a historical context, leaning on the past actions (and inactions) of athletes like Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown and OJ Simpson.

Then, Pete spoke with Erick Erickson, founding editor of The Resurgent and former editor-in-chief of Redstate.com. It’s been awhile since Erick’s been on the show and a lot has changed on the right side of the aisle. The two talked Donald Trump and the alt-right community. Erickson is a fan of neither.

Finally, we spent the third hour gazing into the future of American travel and industry with tech entrepreneur and alternative investment expert Bob Rice. What makes Bob’s segments so great is that he puts our focus on the topics everyone else will be talking about a year from now, so we get to feel smart when self-driving cars, 3D printing and wearable tech come up at parties. We aren’t smart though, are we? No, not smart at all.



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