September 8, 2016

Today on #SUPD

Education writer Alfie Kohn joined Pete to help keep this Back-to-School week chugging along. Alfie’s most recent book is “Schooling Beyond Measure: And Other Unorthodox Essays About Education,” but the conversation today leaned heavily on the topic of homework, so we’ll be grading it on a heavy curve.

Professional money manager and longtime friend of the show, Barry Ritholtz, joined us for the entire second hour. Barry is founder of The Big Picture blog, a Bloomberg View columnist and author of the wildly informative and infuriating, “Bailout Nation.” Pete and Ritholtz covered everything from Donald Trump to the new Apple iPhone.

All this week on his SiriusXM Insight show (that just happens to follow Stand Up on the program schedule so why even touch the radio?), Dean Obeidallah has been taking a look at New York and America in the 15 years since 9/11. He joined us in-studio at the start of the third hour to discuss that an more.

Finally today, Pete spoke with the great Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! about her time reporting from North Dakota, where Native American groups are locked in protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The conflict grew physical and ugly this week, and Goodman’s crew captured it on film.




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