Gross Old Party

March 11, 2016

It’s cute when each also-ran GOP candidate hands out their official endorsement, as if they dropped out of the race because they were TOO popular and successful.


Today on Stand Up!

Pete’s been pretty disgusted by the violence and behavior on display at Donald Trump rallies, which for him came to a head in Fayetteville, NC on Wednesday when an exiting protester was sucker punched by an elderly attendee. What really pushed Pete over the edge, however, was watching Trump supporters joke about the assault, giving tacit approval to such acts.

In the first segment, and throughout the show, he discussed the intersection of race, politics, violence and culture. First with his college roommate and long-time friend, Curtis, and later with our other guests:

CNN’s Executive Editor, Politics, Mark Preston gave us his post-mortem on the GOP debate and what the road ahead looks like for the Republican and Democratic candidates heading into next week’s do or die primaries in Ohio, Florida and more.

Michael Lynch, professor of philosophy and director of the humanities at the University of Connecticut, wrote an op-ed for the New York Times that caught our eye, on traditional media’s fade as trusted source of news for the average voter and it’s replacement by Google searches.

In hour three, we recapped the GOP debate with Democratic strategist Nomiki Konst, comedian Dave Siegel and, oddly, a listener named Cornell. It was great and you should listen on-demand.





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