Congress, Insight, and Charlie Hebdo.

January 7, 2015

We woke up this morning to news of a terrible attack by several gunmen on the offices of French satire publication Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 and critically injuring 5. Details become more clear every hour, and certainly by tomorrow’s show we will all have a far fuller picture of the attack itself and those who perpetrated it. Today, however, we tried to resist the 24 Hour News Cycle temptation of wild specualation and uneducated guesswork that often finds itself holding hands with such tragedy.


Today on StandUP!


Todd Zwillich of The Takeaway, a show soon to be heard on SiriusXM Insight, channel 121, when it launches next Monday, joined Pete to fill in some gaps on just what the new Congress expects from itself this session, and a little bit on the magic of Joe Biden.

In the second hour, Professor at the Georgia State University College of Law and good friend of the show, Eric Segall joined us to talk about controversial abortion laws in the state of Texas currently being presented before the US Court of Appeals. These laws could end up before the Supreme Court once more, and could force the Court to revisit Roe V Wade, something Prof. Segall believes Justice Antonin Scalia would love to overturn with the time he has left in our Judicial Branch.

The third hour of the show was a giant infomercial, but the best kind of infomercial anyone who listens to this show could ever ask for. Pete gathered together John Fugelsang, Margaret Hoover, and Dean Obeidallah: three of the lynch pin hosts of the new channel, SiriusXM Insight 121, that Pete helped create. Pete wrote a great blog yesterday about the new channel, what it means to him and what he hopes it will mean to you. Lay some eyes on it.

Most of our open phones today were taken up with discussion of religious faith and how deeply it can affect a person, even driving some to the point of violence and murder. It was perhaps one of the most thoughtful discussions we’ve had on religion yet, due in no small part to your great phone calls. If you listen on the replay, make sure not to skip it.







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