Clowning Around, By Which We Mean Murder

August 30, 2016

Today on #SUPD

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid joined Pete to talk Colin Kaepernick’s protest, Anthony Weiner’s latest indignity and the presidential election, now just 70 days away.

Then, Pete had a thoughtful and at time somber conversation with Georgia State University law professor Eric Segall about two of the most inescapable aspects of human existence: loss and grief.

In hour three, we welcomed stand-up comic Chuck Booms and Emmy Award-winning journalist David Shuster to shoot the breeze with Pete on the topics of the week, young as it is. At times, it got as heated as a Tijuana parking lot. You should definitely check it out onDemand.

Oh, and throughout today’s show we kept you updated on the freaky clown situation in Greenville, SC.




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