Back Again!

August 12, 2016

Today on Stand Up!

  • CNN’s Exec. Editor of Politics, Mark Preston, helped Pete decode the wild week of Trumpian politics and what could possibly motivate Paul Ryan to continue his support of Donald Trump.
  • Georgia State ConLaw professor Eric Segall gave some background and insight into North Carolina’s voter disenfranchising ID laws, and the state of the Supreme Court 6 months after the death of Justice Scalia.
  • Retired Baltimore cop turned activist and law enforcement reform advocate, Michael A. Wood, Jr., joined us once again. This time, he and Pete looked at the DOJ report on the BPD from Michael’s perspective as a cop in that Baltimore system.
  • Finally, historian and sex researched, Alice Dreger, gave us a fresh, progressive take on not just how we view sexuality, but how younger generations can, and do, as well.

It’s too damn hot.



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