1. Electoral College Tour: Duke

    February 29, 2016 by MelStar1

    Big show tonight on-campus at Duke. You should go if you are geographically able.


    Today on Stand Up!

    The Electoral College Tour pulled into Durham, NC today for a full day of broadcasts from Duke University followed by a night of comedy at Page Auditorium. Joining Pete this morning:

    Adam Beyer and Adam Lemon, presidents of the Duke College Democrats and Duke College Republicans, respectively, joined us to discuss the election from the perspective of young people for whom this is possibly their first voting election.

    Ian Chang, founder of Duke Open Campus Coalition, and Henry Washington, Jr., President of the Black Students Alliance, discussed with Pete the new era of political correctness and activism on America’s college campuses.

    Next, Pete talked the climate change, politics and where the two collide with Duke University professor of Environmental Politics, Megan Mullin.

    Bill Adair, Duke professor of journalism and founder of Pulitzer Prize-winning website Politifact, joined Pete to discuss the media’s role in this campaign cycle, the growth and effect of Politifact, and the honesty of our Presidential candidates.

    Finally, Pete met with Deondra Rose, Asst. Professor at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy, who discussed the issue of race in politics, both as campaign issue and complex voting demographic.






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  2. Insight Full

    February 26, 2016 by MelStar1

    Monday, catch the Insight Channel heavy-hitters at their Duke University show!


    Today on Stand Up!

    Washington Correspondent for The Takeway, which you can hear every day @ 1p on Insight 121, Todd Zwillich joined us an in-depth look at Congressional reaction to President Obama’s intention to replace Justice Antonin Scalia before the end of his term.

    District Attorney for Brooklyn, NY, Ken Thompson, joined Pete to discuss his job, crime & punishment, and his recent exoneration of over 100 wrongful convictions.

    Then, Matt Taibbi joined us once more, this time to go inside his massive new Rolling Stone cover story on his time on the road with the Donald Trump campaign. Just great stuff from Matt, once again.

    We finished out today’s show with a phenomenal panel, wrapping up the GOP Debate in Houston. Joining us: Mediaite columnist, Joe Concha; Democratic strategist and founder of The Accountability Project, Nomiki Konst; and stand-up comic and contributing writer at CNN, Dave Seigel. Make sure to check out this hour on demand if you missed it. Or really just make sure you catch this show.





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  3. 11pm East/8pm West

    February 25, 2016 by MelStar1

    Turn on your radio to Insight 121 at 11pm tonight for the Post-GOP Debate Cocktail Party, featuring luminaries from the worlds of politics, opinion and merriment.


    Today on Stand Up!


    The campaign trail has been rife with big talk on immigration, mostly from the right. Wall Street Journal Senior Editor, Bob Davis, authored a verrrrrry interesting piece earlier this month called, “The Thorny Economics of Illegal Immigration,” and he and Pete discussed it in hour one.

    Next, Pete welcomed the kind and very cool CEO of YMCA of the USA, Kevin Washington, to discuss what his organization does for families in America, and as evidenced by their new initiative, especially children.

    Everyone on the show is obsessed with “The People vs. OJ Simpson” on FX, and you could definitely tell by the amount of fun we had laughing and talking with actor Sterling K. Brown, who plays prosecuting attorney Christopher Darden in the mini-series.

    We closed the show with a whole bunch of your calls and a lot more talk about Donald Trump’s white nationalist supporters than anyone should be comfortable with, but before then Pete welcomed Stephen Kinzer, the award-winning foreign correspondent and author, most recently of 2014’s “The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles and Their Secret World War.” Today, we discussed the ongoing war in Syria and the role the media play in managing (or mismanaging) our impression of it.

    C U 2 Night




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  4. Nevad’oh!

    February 24, 2016 by MelStar1

    Is Donald Trump the unstoppable object in the GOP? Is Hillary Clinton the Democratic Immovable Force?


    Today on Stand Up!

    Seth Freed Wessler is a reporter with the Investigative Fund and a Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute who joined us today to talk about his new piece on The Nation about private prisons.

    Guantanamo Bay is back in the news, as President Obama outlined his plan to have the Dept. of Defense submit prison closure plans to Congress soon. You can only imagine what the GOP has had to say about that. For a more in-depth look at the life of detainees and the process of closing down the prison facility, Pete spoke with Joe Margulies, Cornell Law & Government professor and the criminal defense/civil rights attorney representing al Qaeda detainee, Abu Zabaydah.

    WGN America is premiering a new series March 9th, “Underground,” centered on the people and the time period surrounding the Underground Railroad effort to transport slaves to free territory in the North in the mid-19th century. Joining Pete to discuss his role, and the series, was the talented and very likable Aldis Hodge.

    Finally, retired Army Colonel and emeritus professor of history and international relations at Boston University, Andrew Bacevich, joined us to discuss Gitmo, foreign policy and the Presidential election.





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  5. Disinvited

    February 23, 2016 by MelStar1

    At this point, it feels like the GOP is going to have to ask Dr. Ben Carson to leave the race the way you’d ask the last guest a stranger to leave a dying party so you can unwind with your friends.


    Today on Stand Up!

    Daily Beast EIC and CNN contributor, John Avlon, ran a comb through the politics of the week and helped set up the stakes as we head into Super Tuesday next week.

    Forbes’ Senior Political Contributor, Rick Ungar, and former Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, have taken their weekly POTUS 124 talk show, Steele & Ungar, and turned it into a daily. Airing weekdays from 6p-9p EST, Steele & Ungar gave Pete a preview of what goes down on the show.

    Bonnie McFarlane is very good at stand-up, but she is also the director of the 2014’s “Women Aren’t Funny,” examining the role of women in comedy and life on the road. Now, we add memoirist to McFarlane’s title with “You’re Better Than Me,” now in paperback on Anthony Bourdain’s imprint at Harper Collins’ Ecco. Pete and Bonnie discussed he upbringing and life on the road.

    Finally, comic Ari Shaffir dropped in to promote the second season of his Comedy Central show, “This Is Not Happening,” where comedians share raw and very funny tales of embarrassment and danger. He also apologized to Pete for nearly dosing his wife with edible weed and had some…things…to say…about…podcasts and…radio? Ahem.






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  6. Zepps Wednesday

    February 17, 2016 by MelStar1

    Josh Zepps continues his path to glory, filling in for Pete this week. Joining Josh today:

    • Michelle Goldberg, author of last year’s “The Goddess Pose: The Audacious Life of Indra Devi, the Woman Who Helped Bring Yoga to the West,” took us inside her Slate cover story on the legal battle to define parenthood in the case of surrogates.
    • Dr. Bruce Bechtol is Professor of Political Science at the Dept. of Security Studies at Angelo State University in Texas and he’s probably forgotten more about North Korea than you or I will know in our lifetime. Today, we discussed the state of long range weaponry and it’s effect on diplomacy in The Hermit Kingdom.
    • Washington Post associate editor and Senior National Security Correspondent, Karen de Young, gave us an update on the mayhem happening in Syria, following the ceasefire agreement reached between the US and Russia last week.
    • President Obama made some interesting remarks yesterday at the US-ASEAN Leaders Summit in California, but just what IS the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and why should we care what happens at these meetings? Unpacking all of that for us was Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Michael Fuchs.
    • Finally, a bit of science to round out today’s education. It’s okay if last week’s discovery of gravitational waves emanating from two colliding black holes in deep space left you scratching your head, because Josh asked Phil Plait, host of Crash Course Astronomy on YouTube and author of Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog, to come by and give us a lesson.



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  7. Zepps Tuesday

    February 16, 2016 by MelStar1

    Josh Zepps is guest hosting this week while Pete navigates the Carribbean by sextant. Josh’s guests were:

    – Senior Editor of Urban Omnibus, which is the magazine of the Architectural League of New York, Henry Grabar, who spoke to us about ways to modernize and add efficiency to urban mass transit systems.

    – Slate.com’s ace Supreme Court journalist Dahlia Lithwick, on the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the next steps for the Court, the President and the Nation.

    – Activist and Editor-at-Large for the Daily Beast, Goldie Taylor, on the appeal (or lack thereof) of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton amongst black voters.

    – National Correspondent for The Atlantic, James Fallows, on his latest piece “Eleven Signs  a City Will Succeed.”

    – Finally, comedian Myq Kaplan joined Josh for the last half-hour to wildly speculate about The Grammys and the nature of rewarding creativity.





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  8. Feel the Boin

    February 12, 2016 by MelStar1

    Have a great Valentine’s/Presidents’ Day Weekend. Great best-of on Monday, Josh Zepps in for Pete the rest of next week.


    Today on Stand Up!

    Mark Preston, CNN’s Executive Editor of Politics, gave us an update from the campaign trail.

    Award-winning journalist and editor-at-large at Washingtonian Magazine, Harry Jaffe, discussed his recent book, “Why Bernie Sanders Matters.”

    The Supreme Court put the brakes on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan until its legality is sorted once and for all. Discussing that and more, Senior Reporter and Energy and Environment Editor for Huffington Post, Kate Sheppard.

    Finally, we unpacked the HELL out of last night’s Democratic Debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with Mic.com’s Editorial Director, Slade Sohmer, and Daily Beast and VICE News columnist, Michael Moynihan.




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  9. Refried Beans

    February 11, 2016 by MelStar1

    Another HUGE debate tonight: Will I eat tacos for dinner…again? Full roundtable coverage tomorrow.


    Today on Stand Up!

    Another packed, wild show! With:

    NYU Bioethicist and prolific author, including the recent “Ethics in Mental Healthcare: A Reader,” Arthur Caplan on the ethics of providing healthcare to sections of society that need it most and can afford it least.

    Jeffrey E. Stern is a Pulitzer Center Fellow for Crisis Reporting and author of the new book, “The Last Thousand: One School’s Promise in a Nation at War.” He spoke to us today about that book, his time spent reporting from Afghanistan, and what pulled him into a journalist’s life to begin with.

    Adam Glyn and Pete go way back, before Adam worked as a field journalist for TMZ, even. We ribbed him on his employer a little before we praised him for his new game/show, “South of Wilshire.”

    Then, Pete welcomed Fergus M. Bordewich to the program to discuss the newest of the seven books he’s authored, “The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government.” The well-named historian opened our eyes to amazing facets of the era in which America was founded.

    Our last guest today was certainly not the least. Fran Drescher is the actress known to most Americans who lived through the 90s as, “The Nanny.” Currently, she stars in “Happily Divorced” on TV Land and is the voice of “Eunice” in the “Hotel Transylvania” animated films. Today, she joined Pete to discuss the causes she supports with her time, money and effort, namely the Go Red for Women campaign in conjunction with Macy’s and the American Heart Association.





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  10. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (to the White House)

    February 10, 2016 by MelStar1

    After the New Hampshire primary, the stage is set for the dystopian American future we’ve all been waiting for, courtesy of Donald Trump.


    Today on Stand Up!

    We took your calls on the results of last night’s primary in New Hampshire, then:

    Daily Beast editor-at-large, Lloyd Grove, took Pete inside the world of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze to find out how the conservative talk mogul’s empire has begun to collapse around him.

    Then, Alec Ross performed a public service of futurism and told us all about the industries that will guide the economy of the distant, and not-so-distant future. Ross is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and was Senior Adviser for Innovation to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

    “Deadpool” comes out Friday, based on the popular cult comic about the masked hero with sketchy morals and a comic’s wit and starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead. Comic & Actor TJ Miller co-stars in “Deadpool,” and joined us to discuss the film, comedy and the philosophical underpinnings of absurdity…until he walked out.


    Finally, Pete spoke with Lydia DePillis of the Washington Post about her recent story for Wonkblog on what happens to small town America when Walmart pulls up stakes and leaves. Walmart is closing 150 stores this year, retreating from communities whose business landscape they’ve irrevocably changed.





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  11. Primary Goals

    February 9, 2016 by MelStar1

    Who will win New Hampshire, and what does it mean?


    Today on Stand Up!

    Daily Beast editor-in-chief, John Avlon, joined Pete in the first hour to discuss today’s New Hampshire primary and whether or not a vulgarian can get elected President of the United States.

    Next, Pete welcomed two guests from an organization he loves and loves to support. Breakthrough US works to end violence and discrimination against girls and women by smashing the notion of traditional gender stereotypes. If you believe there are limits to being a woman, you open the door to withholding liberty and opportunity to all women. Ishita Srivastava is Breakthrough’s Deputy Director of Programs, and Lynn Harris is Breakthrough’s VP of Communications.

    Then, we spoke with former assistant to President George W. Bush and Senior Editor at The Atlantic, David Frum, about the GOP Candidate Race and whether or not Marco Rubio will be able to shake off the missteps of his last several days.

    Next, Georgia State University Constitutional Law professor, Eric Segall, joined us to continue the discussion on reforming the Supreme Court’s rule of disallowing cameras, effectively keeping some of the most important decisions of the modern age hidden behind a technological wall. Oh, and he had a doctor remove a large insect from his ear last week. No big.

    Finally, Pete and Alfred recapped last night’s big comedy show in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with SiriusXM Insight host, Dean Obeidallah.






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  12. Granite

    February 8, 2016 by MelStar1

    I don’t know how a Super Bowl can be both exciting *and* a total stinker, but that’s what happened…


    SiriusXM Insight 121 has taken the show on the road for a day of broadcasts from the University of New Hampshire, just one day before the New Hampshire Primary. Plus, a comedy show featuring Pete Dominick, John Fugelsang and Dean Obeidallah at The Pressroom in Portsmouth, NH. We’re calling it The Electoral Collage Tour and we hope to see you out there along the way.


    Meanwhile…Today on Stand Up!

    UNH Political Science professor, Stacy Vandeveer, spoke with Pete all about the Primary and New Hampshire’s unique political history.

    John Carroll, UNH Professor of Environmental Conservation, joined us to talk about sustainable living, local food & farming, and climate concerns for New England.

    In hour two, we held a friendly discussion between two campus political leaders: Alex Fries of the UNH College Republicans president and co-president of the UNH College Democrats, Doug Marino.

    Then, comic and New Hampshire favorite, Juston McKinney stopped by to make the funny with the Pete. Juston will be at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH April 2nd.

    Hour three brought another one of our patented, one-of-a-kind, industry-leading roundtable discussions, this time on the opioid addiction epidemic that’s rotting New England from the inside out. Sitting on the panel: UNH-Manchester lecturer and clinical neuropsychologist, Daniel Seichepine; UNH law professor and Director of Health Law and Policy Programs, Lucy Hodder; and FedCap Director of Recovery Services in New Hampshire, Sandi Coyle, whose own recovery from opioid addiction greatly informed the discussion.

    Last but not least, Pete welcomed Juston back to talk with local NH businessman Peter Egelston, who as President and co-founder of Smuttynose Brewing Company, has been part of the local landscape for decades.

    Don’t take this show for granite!



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  13. Scheduled Programming

    February 5, 2016 by MelStar1

    Monday: LIVE show from University of New Hampshire.  Monday Night: Pete, John & Dean LIVE at the Pressroom in Portsmouth. Tuesday: New Hampshire Primary Wednesday: Back to Normal-ish.


    Today on Stand Up!

    Last night’s debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton from New Hampshire was pretty great stuff, and we recapped it with one of our favorites, CNN’s Executive Editor of Politics, Mark Preston.

    Eli Sanders joined us next. He is an associate editor of the weekly newspaper “The Stranger” up in Seattle, and he won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the murder of Teresa Butz. Sanders now recounts that case again in the new book, “While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and A Young Man’s Descent into Madness.”

    At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, a documentary premiered about the life and unfortunate death of journalist James Foley. Today, Pete welcomed Brian Oakes, director of “Jim,” which you can catch on HBO this Saturday at 9p EST.

    Then, John Fugelsang popped on for 20 minutes to joke around with Pete about politics, last night’s debate and more. Tickets for John and Pete’s Portsmouth, NH show with Dean Obeidallah are still available, so if you are in the region, get some for Pete’s sake. Literally.

    Our final guest of the day was a “big get” that has been a long time coming. Political strategist David Axelrod has been called the architect of President Obama’s historic 2008 White House run, and his memoir recounting his life in politics, “Believer,” is now in paperback. We discussed his career, the President, and got his reaction to last night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire.

    Have a just okay weekend,




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  14. The Bernie/Hill Show

    February 4, 2016 by MelStar1

    Fight Night in New Hampshire! Bern v. Hil! Who has more to lose, heading into Tuesday’s primary?


    Today on Stand Up!

    Pulitzer Prize and George Polk Prize winning journalist, Syracuse University professor, AJAM columnist and author, David Cay Johnston, joined us to discuss tax structure and David previewed an upcoming column on Bernie Sanders.

    Senior Fellow and Founder of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation and Washington Editor-at-Large for The Atlantic, Steve Clemons, called in to discuss the Presidential election and Afghanistan.

    President Obama gave a stirring, historic (for him) and (most would agree) much needed speech to the Islamic Society of Baltimore yesterday. In attendance was SiriusXM Insight’s own Dean Obeidallah, who was cool enough to call in and discuss with Pete the speech as well as the experience.

    We’ve talked before on the show about the strength and effect of right-wing media talk show hosts on politicians and listeners alike. To go more in-depth on that subject, Pete spoke with Brian Rosenwald, UPenn Fellow, who wrote a recent CNN piece (co-authored with Michael Smerconish) about just that.





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