1. The Pete Dominick Cavalcade of Holiday Programming!

    December 24, 2014 by MelStar1

    We’re taking a few days off to deliver presents to boys and girls all over the world. Wait. I mean to be with our families. We in NO WAY are Santa. Nope. Forget you read that. Why aren’t I just deleting what I type? Why am I still typing?!? Santa, help!



    Ok, so here’s the lineup for the next few days of StandUP!


    December 25: An ALL-NEW show of material recorded and edited by some of the best damn people in the business. If you are busy traveling or hiding in the car in the garage while your family eats sugar plums, tune in and hear Pete, Melanie Chris and Alfred recount some of their favorite holiday memories. It’s fun!


    December 26: The best of Religion Week, because you need some faith.


    December 29: The best of Philosophy Week, because you need some introspection.


    December 30: The best of Sex Week, because you need to loosen up a bit.


    December 31: Best of the Year, Part One. We gathered our favorite and biggest interviews of the year and gathered them all in one place, like revelers in the Times Square of your mind.


    January 1: Best of the Year, Part Two. We couldn’t fit all the good stuff into one show, so we made two. It’s like when you wake up after New Year’s Eve and there’s that one guy on your couch who you don’t really know but at least he didn’t drive home wasted, right?


    January 2: We are BACK, baby! Like Ghostbusters 2!



    See you then!



  2. A Little Help From Our Friends

    December 23, 2014 by MelStar1

    Joe Cocker died yesterday at age 70, from lung cancer. We played his music all throughout the show…


    Today on StandUP!


    We played Joe Cocker’s music, despite the fact that Pete had no idea that one of his greatest hits, “A Little Help From My Friends,” was a cover of a Beatles song. Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon and National Review contributor Will Cain took it upon themselves to correct that. Then, Pete and the guys spent some time on police criticism of NYC Mayor de Blasio and accountability for negative elements of otherwise peaceful protests.

    Next, Daily Show co-creator and former head writer, Lizz Winstead spent an hour in-studio with Pete, where the two of them just gabbed and gabbed like birds on a wire. From reproductive rights to the nature of comedy and rape jokes to general politics, they hit a lot. Lizz is hosting “Plan B from Outer Space: 2014 Year In Review” this weekend at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, MN. Do check it out if you can. 

    Later, we welcomed back Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, the retired US Army Staff Colonel who served as chief of staff to former Sec’y of State Colin Powell. Col. Wilkerson has shared with us in great detail in the past his experience with the run up to the Iraq War and his feelings for the men who put us there. Today, he and Pete touched on the CIA torture report, including Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, the recently identified woman reportedly behind several troubling sections of the report.

    We closed out the show today with a special call-in from Pete’s brother Brian. An activist, journalist, street medic and ombudsman for the show, Brian called in to give his view on criticism leveled at protesters, both here in NYC and across the country. He also discussed just how protesters tend to view politicians, even sympathetic seeming ones like New York’s Bill de Blasio.


    What’s your least favorite winter holiday food? The one that only comes out this time of year? It’s crazy, but..I’ve never been a fan of ginger bread houses. Hard, overly sweet confections mucking up a perfectly good slab of spiced cookie. Also, they are one of those products that are better as a Platonic ideal and not a mess on your kitchen table.






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  3. Aaron Carroll, Christine Romans, William H. Frey and Reaction to the NYPD Shooting In Brooklyn.

    December 22, 2014 by MelStar1

    Over the weekend, two NYPD officers were ambushed in their cruiser and killed, further deepening the arguments about the role of police in black communities, especially in the media. It sets a somber tone…


    Today on StandUP.


    We opened the show with audio reaction from around the media landscape on the Brooklyn police shootings, including PBA head Pat Lynch and former police commissioner Ray Kelly. From there, we took your calls.

    Next, Indiana University professor and author of “Don’t Put That In There! and 69 Other Sex Myths Debunked”, Dr. Aaron Carroll to talk about the open enrollment status of the Affordable Care Act and to share some truths about this year’s flu vaccine, which has shown to be ineffective against the prevailing flu strain in the US.

    Christine Romans joined us from her perch atop CNN headquarters in New York city to go over some of the headlines as we rush into the heart of the holiday season and the end of the year: Gas prices, last minute shopping, shipping and The Sound of Music.

    Our final guest of the day was professor at University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research and Population Studies and Brookings Institution Senior Fellow, William H. Frey. His new book, “Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America” is insightful in it’s own right, especially when looking for ways to approach the racial demographics of recent news events.

    Check out Pete and caller Mark from NY, from today’s show:



    Chris’ two favorite Christmas songs are as follows:

    I’ll Be Home for Christmas – for it’s historical setting and it’s gut-punch, sad lyrical finish. It creates nostalgia and longing in a way most other genre songs cannot.

    Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – It’s romantic and wistful and the arrangement bops right along. So good it was later reworked into a traditional song, it’s essentially a perfect pop song masquerading as a holiday morsel.





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  4. The Colbert Report Wrap Party Report Report

    December 19, 2014 by MelStar1

    It’s the last Friday before Christmas and you know what THAT means: All your co-workers bring family into the office to visit, and you suddenly realize everyone IS buying gifts for each other, even though they said they weren’t.


    Today on StandUP!


    Last night was the final episode of The Colbert Report, and SOMEONE went to the wrap party, so we spent the start of the show trying desperately to get info out of Pete about all the celebrities and merriment from a historic night.

    Thankfully Executive editor of CNN politics, Mark Preston, joined us to serve as Pete’s personal gossip column. For instance, we found out that Pete talked to Bryan Cranston. He’s also a huge fan of Bradley Whitford. And, once Mark walked up to Sean Penn at a party and flamed out. Fun segment for a Friday.

    Next, we were joined by Karen Hunter, author, publisher and SiriusXM Urban View host. Karen and Pete talked Cuba, North Korea, and Bill Cosby. Oh, and for some reason, the Stephen Colbert wrap party came up.

    Steve Clemons of The Atlantic has always been a good source for the show when it comes to foreign relations. He agrees with yesterday’s guest, William LeoGrande, that the Cuba/US thaw is indeed a “Nixon Goes to China” moment for US politics. We also talked the SONY hack.

    After a brisk, wide ranging open phones segment, we checked in with Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts’ Second District. Now that Congress is in recess, the Representative had the time to check back in with his thoughts on Cuba and New Years’ Resolutions.


    David Letterman retires in May, which means that tonight is the last time Darlene Love sings her hit “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on his big holiday show. Don’t miss out.





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  5. SONY Hacking, Colbert Packing, No New York Fracking and Cuba…backing…?

    December 18, 2014 by MelStar1

    Yesterday didn’t start out as a historic day, but boy it sure did end as one. You won’t likely remember the date itself, but you certainly will remember that in late 2014 the US defrosted its relationship with Cuba AND the time SONY pictures capitulated to the demands of North Korea. That’s what we were talking about….


    Today on StandUP!


    First, turned to Dr. Julia Sweig of the Council of Foreign Relations, where she is a Senior Fellow and Director for Latin American Studies. She filled in a LOT of blanks for us on Cuba/US relations as they stand now, and historically how they got this way. Check out her book, “Cuba: What Everyone Needs To Know.”

    One benefit of starting at 9am EAST is that it’s easier for us to book hot shot West Coast guests, who for some reason didn’t like waking up at 3am local time to talk about heavy subjects with a caffeine addled stand-up comic. Go figure…

    Bob Baer is one such guest. Being a former CIA operative and an all-around expert on the Middle East, we asked Bob on to talk about the CIA torture report. As a bonus, we got his take on Cuba and the SONY hacks. Baer’s new book, “The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins” is out now and would make a great gift for the Black Ops assassin in your life.

    We took a break from the madness of the news cycle to talk to Dr. Lynn Bufka of the American Psychological Association, who spent some time with Pete talking about dealing with family stress during the holidays. For some strange reason, secret drinking and emotionally eating a sleeve of Oreos didn’t come up even once. Go figure x2!

    The whole show, Pete wanted to know what issue (Cuba/SONY hack) you thought was the most important, both in the moment and in the scope of history with a capital H. Cuba brings about the end of one of the last great vestiges of the Cold War, while the SONY hack marks a new, openly hostile chapter in cyberwar, weapon of the future!

    We closed out show out today with a guest actually IN Cuba. William LeoGrande is a professor of government at American University in Washington, D.C. and the author of  “Back Channel to Cuba: the Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana”. Mr. LeoGrande called this a “Nixon goes to China” moment for the Obama administration and the World.

    You know, I may have skipped the company holiday party but I just ate about 3lbs of leftovers from the office kitchen. I’d be embarrassed if it weren’t so tasty.






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  6. US Re-enters Cuba, Beach Boys swap Aruba out of “Kokomo” in Celebration.

    December 17, 2014 by MelStar1

    We had some real humdingers break during the show today, with Cuba releasing an American aid worker from prison and then the US announcing re-opened diplomacy with the Caribbean nation. We’ll go more in-depth on all that tomorrow, but for now…


    Today on StandUP!


    Thomas Patterson joined us from the Harvard Kennedy School for Government to talk about the changing face of journalism in American politics and culture. We asked the professor to give us his thoughts on the Sony hacks and subsequent reporting on the leaked information. How do you report on a story like that? Do you tell the story of the hack, or do you report on all the juicy tidbits that get revealed, which will yield far sweeter fruit, ratings-wise?

    Next, Jaime Henn of 350.org came back to the show to share with us revelations and details of the recent climate summit in Lima, Peru. From there, we pivoted to a discussion on renewable energy. For example: did you know that Pete is having solar panels installed on his house?

    We asked Ali Velshi of Al-Jazeera America to join us for a few minutes to dig deeper into the recent fall, rise and fall of the ruble, the currency of Russia. The ruble has been dramatically weakened against foreign currencies as a result of low oil prices and Western sanctions in response to action in the Ukraine. But, what does that mean in the long run?

    We finished up the day with some good straight talk from Margaret Hoover, CNN contributor and author of “American Individualism: How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party.” Recently, Margaret was part of a CNN panel that displayed the “hands up, don’t shoot” symbolism during a segment, drawing both praise and criticism. She joined us to talk about why she thinks the GOP should get behind these movements, for the betterment of America and the future of her party.


    See you tomorrow, when we can talk more about how Cool Pope helped the US and Cuba get friendly again!




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  7. A little bit country, A little bit “lock-and-load.”

    December 16, 2014 by MelStar1

    There are only 15 days left to fulfill last year’s resolutions before you have to come up with new ones. My resolution will be and has always been to not live my life according to overly dramatic promised and bets with myself.


    Today on StandUP!

    We opened the show with your headlines, and aside from the usual sad and sobering news of the world, we also discussed the Sony leaks/hacks, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, the fall of the Russian ruble, and whether modern country music has any real merit.

    John Avlon is the editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast and a regular contributor to StandUP! so it was great to have John join us in the new time slot for the the first time. Pete and John talked about the CIA torture report, shootings and attacks both here in the US and in Australia and Pakistan, and a little bit of the rock and roll discussion crept back in.

    In our second hour, Pete welcomed 23 year veteran of the Late Show with David Letterman writers’ room, Bill Scheft. He’s also a novelist and was here to tell us about his new book, “Shrink Thyself,” as well as reflections back on his time at Letterman. Easily one of my favorite hours of radio this week. Very fun, with some great Dave stories.

    We kept in the world of showbiz for the next segment, for a rare but fun talk with actress Marlo Thomas. For years, she has been the face of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital her father founded in 1962. She shared some stories of encouragement, and a few family tales, all in the hopes that YOU will share donations this holiday season. If you can, please do.

    Pete wrapped up today’s show by asking you your thoughts on Dick Cheney. The former VP’s comments on the CIA torture report have certainly drawn some negative reaction, but it cannot be ignored that roughly half the nation supports or is ambivalent about torture, so we really wanted to know what YOU thought of the man who serves as the de facto figurehead for that era’s war machine.


    Oh, and here is the perfectly executed  interview The Takeaway’s Todd Zwillich did with Henry Kissinger, back in September.







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  8. Secrets, but no Santa.

    December 15, 2014 by MelStar1

    Hanukkah starts tomorrow, Christmas is next week, and Kwanzaa starts the 26th, but there will be NO GIFTS adults in the Dominick family. Breaking tradition is the new tradition. That’s just some of what we learned…

    Today on StandUP!


    After covering some of the headlines from over the weekend, including the standoff at the Lindt chocolate cafe in Sydney, Australia that concluded in a police raid, we made way for our first guest, SiriusXM POTUS White House correspondent, Jared Rizzi.

    Jared recently asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest about the morality of the US drone program in light of the release of the CIA Torture Report from the Senate Intelligence Committee. It was a great exchange, and you should check it out.

    Co-host of CNN’s Early Start, Christine Romans, joined us for the first time in our new time slot, and boy was she missed. Christine helped Pete enlighten us on just why derivatives matter to Americans, even if we don’t fully get what they are about. They also spent some time on one of Pete’s favorite hobbies: defending the airlines.

    Next, we welcomed Washington Post arts reporter Geoff Edgers, who took a few minutes to talk to Pete about his new show “Secrets of the Arsenal,” premiering Tuesday at 10e/9c on the American Heroes Channel. There was passing mention of Napoleon’s sword being housed at West Point. Strange place for an exiled French emperor to leave a sword, but c’est la vie.

    Our final guest of the show was Glenn Carle. After serving as Deputy Nat’l Intelligence Officer for Transnational Threats, as well as a CIA Clandestine Services Officer, Mr. Carle is now the author of “The Interrogator: An Education.” Pete and Glenn went inside his experience as an interrogator, as it relates to the CIA torture report. This isn’t just an issue that divides Americans, it even divides those who were part of the organization as it transpired. This was seen during the stretch of the interview where Pete and Carle discussed another former CIA operator, Jose Rodriguez.


    The Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution was ratified on this day (12/15) in 1791. I think we all know what MY favorite Amendment is…





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  9. “Okay…alright.”

    December 12, 2014 by MelStar1

    Congratulations! You made it to the end of the first week of your new time slot! I hope 9am EAST/6am WEST has been good for you! I hope you’ve been enjoying it!

    And by “you” I mean “us”…and we HAVE been enjoying it!


    Today on StandUP!


    One thing we’ve noticed about  the new time slot is calls right out of the gate, which we love! Also, in the first hour, we welcomed back Executive Editor of CNN Politics, Mark Preston. Mark knows the aisles and alleys of Washington, D.C. like few others, although today he weirdly caught flack from several callers. Handled it like a champ, though.

    You probably had never heard the “cromnibus” before yesterday, but now you can’t get enough of it. The House passed the spending bill that could keep the government open for business, and now it goes to the Senate. Oh, and it’s crammed with nasties. I’d say it’s a good time to be rich, but that would imply there’s ever a bad time to be rich…

    Lisa Gilbert of Public Citizen came on the show to talk with Pete about some of the hidden secrets of the cromnibus, and what opposition there is to it, if any.

    Then, we had the rare cross-promotional treat of having SiriusXM’s own Jay Thomas on the show. Jay admitted to calling into the show on occasion under false identities, and he told us about ending his long tradition on The Late Show with David Letterman.

    We ended the show with loads of calls from you guys, and a LOT of Jeffs, but before then, Pete welcomed back Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.  Imam Abdul Rauf is founder and CEO of the Cordoba Initiative, working to improve Muslim-American relations.

    So, how was this first week at the new slot? Yay? Nay? Tweet Pete and let him know!




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  10. Gettin’ Legal with Eric Segall

    December 11, 2014 by MelStar1

    We’re almost at the end of our first week at the new time! Remember, if you can’t listen live at 9am EAST/6am WEST, you can always listen on-demand or on the mobile app! That’s what I do! 



    Today on StandUP!


    Constitutional Law professor at Georgia State University, frequent guest, and friend of the show, Eric Segall joined Pete in-studio for the full three hours. It was great to meet Eric in person, and his expertise added depth and new insight to today’s topics.


    Topics like….CONSTITUTIONAL LAW! Our first guest, Jeffrey Rosen, is the President and CEO of the National Constitution Center and Professor of Law at George Washington University. We asked him to join professor Segall in discussion about the Supreme Court and the politics of Constitutional law.

    Next, we were joined by Christopher Anders of the ACLU to discuss the CIA torture report and treatment of detainees. We also touched on discussion in the news of future prosecution of interrogators or officials responsible for what’s in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s findings, and whether some of them are STILL employed by the CIA.

    Christopher Neiweem of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association (IAVA) has joined us in the past to talk about what his organization does for our veterans, and today he brought a special topic and guest to the show. Susan Selke is the mother of Clay Hunt, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan whose PTSD ended in his suicide. The US House of Representatives just approved the Clay Hunt Bill, which aims to prevent suicide by military veterans by strengthening suicide prevention programs at the VA and the Department of Defense. You can voice your support for this bill as it enters the Senate, here. Please do.

    We decided to throw caution to the wind and step outside the box in our final segment with Eric Segall as our sit-in cohost and talk about CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. We were joined by C-law professor Josh Blackman of South Texas College of Law to discuss the Constitutional aspect of  the ongoing battle for immigration law reform happening in Congress.


    Thanks for all the great feedback on the new time slot, btw. It’s been a great week so far, and hopefully we can park this car in the garage tomorrow on another high note. Oh, and make sure to catch the caller from Montana near the end of the show. We all kinda think he’s the best.




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  11. Torture Report, Hunger and Attorneys General

    December 10, 2014 by MelStar1

    There was a lot to talk about today, and not just how cute and smart and fun Chris is and how great and refreshing it is to hear the show live from 9am to noon EST!


    Today on StandUP!


    Pete kicked the show off with a clip of former President George W. Bush from 2007, emphatically denying that US forces engaged in torture. Thanks to the CIA Torture Report from the Senate Intelligence Committee, we now know for certain that is not true. The first part of the show was spent playing audio from around the politisphere and taking your calls on the matter.

    Then, it was off to see the Old Grey Lady, as NY Times business reporter Eric Lipton. Eric was here to discuss his latest piece on an alliance between big energy firms and attorneys general to strike down or prevent regulation that would be harmful to their business practices. Check it out.

    Rev. David Beckmann is president of Bread for the World, an economist and in 2010 was named a World Food Laureate. Today,  he joined us for a few minutes to discuss Bread for the World’s efforts to eliminate hunger, an issue always on our minds this time of year.

    Who better to offer insight into the lives of detainees mentioned in the CIA Torture Report than a lawyer currently representing one such detainee? Joe Margulies is an Assoc. Clinical Professor at Northwestern University, attorney with the MacArthur Justice Center and currently representing detainee Abu Zubayadh.

    We finished out the show with your calls and thoughts on the findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture by the CIA. Should it have been released? Now that it has been, are we in more danger? What comes next?





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  12. Warming Up for the Torture Report.

    December 9, 2014 by MelStar1

    You set your clocks back. You tucked the children into their sleepPodz. You fed the dog, you think.

    But did you remember that Stand UP! with Pete Dominick has a new time? Oh, yeah it does! 9am East/6am West on Indie 102 from now on, with the previous day’s replay as a lead-in.

    Now…where’s my car keys?



    Today on StandUP!


    Today, the Senate Intelligence Committee released it’s years-in-the-making report on CIA use of torture and enhanced interrogation techniques. We’ll have more on that all week, but Pete kicked off today’s show with audio from all sides of the issue, from the House to Senate to former CIA directors and POTUS himself. It’s a little industry term we like to call “setting the stage.”

    With the stage set, Will Cain joined Pete once again for an hour of cross-ideological gab and guster. Will sidetracked us into the world of rental cars and camaros before Pete brought it all back to the politics of the torture report, whether torture is seen as effective, and Pete also spoke on the importance of getting the story right, something he admitted to not doing when it came to aspects of the Michael Brown case.

    In the second hour, Pete welcomed Phil Zuckerman to StandUP! A professor of sociology and secular studies at Pitzer College in California, Mr. Zuckerman talked with Pete about morality in the secular world. Essentially, what compels us to be good and moral, outside of religious beliefs? You can find Phil Zuckerman’s books here and his writings at Psychology Today and the Huffington Post. It was a VERY interesting segment, and it drove caller discussion for the rest of the hour, with more than a few listeners in disagreement with Pete on the matter.


    We closed today’s show with Goldie Taylor. A journalist who contributes to Daily Beast, Salon, and Ebony  magazine, Goldie is currently producing a doc about East Saint Louis, Illinois. It’s one of the most dangerous cities in America and it is also Ms. Taylor’s hometown. She and Pete talked race, and the perception of injustice to minorities. Check out the GoFundMe page for Goldie’s film and support if you can.


    Oh, and today marks the two year anniversary of the time that monkey in a winter coat was spotted at an IKEA in Canada. Come back, Darwin. We miss you.



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  13. Rise and Shine, the Show Now Starts at NINE! (6am on the West Coast)

    December 8, 2014 by MelStar1

    Well, here we are. A new week. A new time. But still the same old StandUP! that Americans have loved for generations. At least eight generations*


    *I have no idea what generations actually are. Are they like weeks?


    Today on StandUP!

    Pete kicked off the new week LIVE at 9am East/6am West with some light commemoration. First, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, then the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, and finally the anniversary of the passing of Derek Wyatt, killed in combat in 2010. His story has been told several times by Pete and his guests, and you can check out an NPR story on Derrick from 2011, here.

    Clinton Yates joined the show for the first time. Writing and making good things at Washington Post, Clinton helped Pete dissect a little more of the issue of race in America. The Washington Post video series Clinton and Pete mentioned, “BrotherSpeak“, is worth a look.

    Stand-up comedian and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah joyously returned to the studio with nothing but well wishes and glad tidings for Pete on the show’s new, later time slot. It’s always interesting how, even though they are both comedians by trade, Pete and Dean end up in some pretty heady discussion with callers whenever he comes on the show. Today was no exception as Dean gave us his take on the Eric Garner decision and how Muslim Americans have reacted to the protests here in New York and across the country.

    Our final guest today was immigration attorney Sheryl Winarick. Relying on her 15 years experience with immigration law, Pete had Cheryl help break down misconceptions and some stereotypes about the people who immigrate to our country and just how easy, or difficult, it is to STAY here.

    How was the new time slot for you? Give Pete a holler and…wait a minute. Holler? Who says holler anymore? What am I, a country doctor?




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  14. TGIF: Inside Grand Juries and the Ben Carson Experience

    December 5, 2014 by MelStar1

    Well, that’s it! The last 6am EST show. Monday we start at the all new government approved time of 9am East/ 6am West! If you can’t come along for the ride, you can always listen on demand anytime you like, or catch the replay in the next show day’s old 6-9 slot. Even if you can’t listen live, I know you will still be a part of the show. You can’t help it. It’s IN you now. Part of you. Shhhh. 


    Today on StandUP!


    Ok, so we were all a bit giddy on the last early, early wake up day. Maybe that’s why we spent too long talking about McDonald’s and Sean Hannity’s martial arts skills, but Pete brought it back to focus with discussion of the case of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. Killed by White Plains police in 2012, his story is as disturbing as it is sad. Like the Eric Garner case, no police officer was indicted in his death, yet it got little to no attention. Read more about it at Democracy Now!

    Executive Editor of CNN PoliticsMark Preston, called us from his fortified dojo in our nation’s capital. Today Mark and Pete talked about the Presidential hopes and probabilities of author and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. For a man who has said his fair share of inflammatory and headline grabbing things, he has certainly electrified sections of the Right.

    In the second hour, Pete welcomed Susan McGraugh to the program. Senior professor at St. Louis University School of Law, Susan led us through some of the finer points of grand jury decisions and how they relate to the cases following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Give the segment a listen if you didn’t catch it this morning. Oh, and Pete wants to make sure you read THIS from the NY Times editorial board on the Garner killing.


    Old favorite and author of “Bailout Nation,” Barry Ritholtz finished out the second hour with a little bit of the basics and a little bit of the in-depth about the current world of finance and big money. Eventually, Pete and Barry slid back into the time tested debate of how a CEO could possibly ever deserve a salary or bonus in the TENS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS.

    Our final guest of the day was Marianne Williamson who, if you remember, first joined StandUP! back when she was running for Henry Waxman’s California seat in the US House of Representatives. Today, Pete and Marianne talked about her bestselling books and spirituality and the lasting lessons of running for a national political office.


    See you Monday. I’m sleeping in.





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