1. Friday March 29th on Stand Up!

    March 29, 2013 by MelStar1

    It was one Good Friday (pun intended). Pete reacts to headlines, and a Congressman’s struggle to pick tomatoes himself. Then we talk with North Korea expert, Roberta Cohen, on the nation’s human rights violations.

    In the second hour, we are joined by noted economist Jeffrey Sachs. Later, Constitutional Law Professor, Eric Segall explains why the Supreme Court justices totes need to update their wardrobe and wraps up the week in Supreme Court arguments.

    In the third hour, Pete gets actor Jeremy Piven to talk openly about his “man-gina” and his new better than HBO, PBS series. Finally we wrap up the week with Mark McCaffrey who explains to us why and how we need to teach climate change in schools.

  2. Context Matters

    March 28, 2013 by adminpete

    whitey is pissed!


  3. Listener E mail

    March 27, 2013 by adminpete

    Subject: The Gay, Religious argument…
    Hey Pete,

    I know you aren’t religious and probably aren’t comfortable arguing text in the bible, however, why is there never any push back when people argue that religion (Christianity) tells them that being gay is a sin?

    The strongest text to support that view point comes from Leviticus. Levitical law in the old testament also condemns tattoos and eating pork as equal to a man lying with another man. In historical context, those laws were for the Israelite Tribe of the times to flourish and grow as a nation and not meant to be forever.

    In Christianity, when Christ came to earth in the New Testament, the laws of the Israelites were abolished – ie, christians have tattoos, and christians eat pork. To that point, Jesus was completely silent on the matter of homosexuality.
    It irritates me that Christians keep using the text as a reason for their bigotry. Especially when the foundation of their argument is just ignorance.
    Please push back to someone who states that again on your show.

  4. Wednesday March 27th on Stand Up!

    by MelStar1

    Pete begins the morning with headlines and takes calls from people opposing marriage equality. This naturally turns into a story involving a Pete and another man (may or may not have been Alfred) in steam shower and the perfect incorporation of Berlin’s greatest hit.

    The show then begins to target a more elitist demographic as we have back to back guests from Harvard. First Time Magazine‘s Michael Grunwald discusses his latest article and expands on the GOP keystone. Then Harvard University Government Professor, Jeffry Friedman, focuses our attention on politics and economics.

    Later we continue our coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8 and DOMA with SiriusXM OutQ host Michaelangelo Signorile who is in D.C. covering the hearings.

    In the third hour, we have our weekly medical chat with Dr. Aaron Carroll who intimidates Pete with his multitasking ability to tweet & talk at the same time, and of course he takes your calls!

  5. Tuesday March 26th on Stand Up!

    March 26, 2013 by MelStar1

    Pete is back in action from his ski weekend on the bunny slopes. We start the morning off reading headlines, have you heard Foxy Knoxy’s acquittal got overturned? But she’s so cute.. Later, Middle East expert, Daniel Levy, and his attractive Pierce Bronsnan-esque accent, mesmerize us as we learn about President Obama’s trip to Israel.

    In the second hour, Constitutional Law professor at Georgia State, Eric Segall gives us his take on the Supreme Court’s pending decision on Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

    For the third hour, John Avlon, of CNN and the Daily Beast, and Will Cain, of the Blaze and CNN, join us in studio with all their thick luscious hair for our weekly chat.

  6. Friday March 22nd on Stand Up!

    March 22, 2013 by MelStar1

    Happy Friday folks! Pete starts off reading headlines and attempting to revolutionize television, but guess what Pete, we already watch our favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix. Then, we address old clips of interviews with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Vice President Dick Cheney to address the pre-war culture and level of information accuracy prior to the invasion of Iraq.

    In the second hour, we talk about the Supreme Court arguments on Prop 8 with Columbia Law professor, Suzanne Goldberg and take your calls. Then Veteran and Senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, Phillip Carter, reflects on the 10 year anniversary of the Iraq War.

    In the third hour, we wrap up our coverage of IAVA‘s Storm the Hill initiative with the organization’s founder and leader, Paul Rieckhoff, who is come to find out just a larger version of Pete. Then former Foreign Service Officer at the State Department, Peter Van Buren, discusses his time in Iraq during the War and what it took to Stand Up! and be a whistleblower.

  7. Dying Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young Explains Decision to End His Life

    by adminpete

  8. Thursday March 21st on Stand Up!

    March 21, 2013 by MelStar1

    Pete decided to come in studio today, and proceeded to make the lives of Alfred, Chris and myself significantly more difficult. As for the show, after receiving so much great feedback from our Wednesday interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, we will replay it during our first hour.

    In the second hour, former Green Jobs adviser to President Obama, Van Jones is back and explains how thankful he is his parents did not name him Grover. Then we continue to follow IAVA‘s Storm the Hill initiative this week, with Representative Bill Flores (from the district that is Aggieland) and Veteran Jeremy Newton, who for the record is a former fighter jet pilot, thus significantly more bad ass than you, or Tom Cruise could ever be.

    In the third hour, comedian Dwayne Perkins joins us in studio and tries to impress Pete with the number gay men that hit on him. Pete refuses to believe any man could be hit on by gay men more than him, I mean how you resist this?

  9. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Interview

    March 20, 2013 by adminpete

    Here’s an e mail I got from one listener after the interview:

    “I sat in my car in the company parking lot for 15 minutes to hear your interview with Colonel Wilkerson. It was the most forthright explanation I’ve ever heard about the events that preceded the invasion of Iraq. I am astounded that he had the spine to assign blame and actually call people liars as he did. Congratulations on such a powerful interview.”

    Sincerely, Bob C.

  10. IAVA Storm The Hill Launch Video

    by adminpete

  11. Wednesday March 20th on Stand Up!

    by MelStar1

    Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Therefore we speak in the first hour with Iraqi American blogger, Raed Jarrar, about his experiences living in Iraq at the start of the war and where his country stands today 10 years later.

    In the second hour, Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson provides us with his expert insight into the Iraq War. Then, Army Veteran and Minnesota Representative Tim Walz tells us about his work with the IAVA and is joined by decorated Marine Iraq Veteran of the IAVA, Ryan Weemer, updates us on the progress of this weeks Storm the Hill.

    In the third hour, we are joined for better or for worse by Dr. Aaron Carroll and his hair piece for his weekly Wednesday chat. Lastly, CNN‘s Jake Tapper joins us as he tells us about his new show “The Lead”.

  12. Monday March 18th on Stand Up!

    March 18, 2013 by MelStar1

    Today Pete and Alfred are live from D.C. to kick off our week of Stand Up! with a Veteran as we team up with IAVA for Storm the Hill and address the biggest issues facing veterans. Pete kicks off the post St. Patrick’s Day show with the lights dimmed and volume turned down to a minimum as he stammered through the morning headlines. Then, he talks with the Huffington Post’s Senior Lifestyle Columnist, Lisa Belkin, about the misconceptions we have in raising children in a modern world, and Pete finds out it’s going to take longer than he thought to get his children kidnapped from the corner of the street.

    In the second hour, Wendell Potter, journalist at the Center for Public Integrity and author, explains how insurance companies and corporate PR is deceiving Americans and killing our healthcare system. Later we have our weekly chat with CNN‘s Ali Velshi, and debate which product is the best to shave your head.

    In the third hour we Stand Up! with a Veteran live from D.C. with IAVA as we Storm the Hill with our panel: Captain in the Marine corps reserves, Zoe Bedell, founder and Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Iraq veteran , Paul Rieckhoff, and Navy Vet who served from 2001 to 2012 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, Jeremy Newton. Call your Congressman and make sure they are meeting with veterans this week!

  13. Friday March 15th on Stand Up!

    March 15, 2013 by MelStar1

    Pete tries something new and starts the program reading morning headlines. Then, CNN
    Political Director, Mark Preston joins us from the Conservative Political Action Conference and gives us his expert opinion on whether or not Donald Trump should color his toupee.

    In the second hour Adele Morris, no relation to the singer, of the Brookings Institution explains the carbon tax. Then, Open Phone Friday, a completely original segment you will only find on Stand Up! where the caller gets to discuss the issue that resonates the most with them.

    In the third hour, former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund, MIT’s Simon Johnson. Then we end the week talking hunger with Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern. It’s Friday folks, time to put on your favorite pair of sweatpants, sip some coffee and enjoy the weekend.

  14. Thursday March 14 on Stand Up!

    March 14, 2013 by MelStar1

    Pete runs through headlines and uses other’s peoples witty Pope joke tweets to you gain your love and affection. Then, live from Vatican City Sirius XM Host, Father Dave Dwyer gives us the inside scoop on Pope Francis and explains why the chimney smoke just had to be white.

    In the second hour with IAVA we Stand Up with a Veteran as we welcome Iraqi veteran and California Army National Guard member, Officer Jeff Park. Later, the New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn tells us about Paul Ryan’s new budget plan and how much faster his marathon time is than the Representative’s.

    In the third hour, Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center reports on radical anti-government groups and why Chris was found wearing this at a recent protest. Finally Host, Writer and Producer of HuffPost Live., Abby Huntsman joins us in studio to talk freedom to marry and restore our faith in conservatives.